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laser tattoo removal
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Tattoo Removal Service

Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

The procedure is performed by a fully qualified and experienced doctor.  The tattoo is first cleaned and numbing cream is applied for about 40 minutes. When the skin is sufficiently numbed, the laser is applied to the tattoo. The patient and the doctor will need to wear eye protection to prevent damage to the eyes caused by accidental reflection of laser rays.

The tattoo removal session takes about 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of tattoo. After the procedure the lasered skin will be covered with recovery cream which help soothe and speed up recovery.  Each laser tattoo removals sessions are split between 4 weeks to 6 weeks interval period.  The number of sessions to remove each tattoo is depending on the size tattoo and color of tattoo.  Each sessions starts from Rm300 onwards.

laser tattoo removal
laser tattoo removal

Safe Procedure To Remova Tattoo

The latest technique of tattoo removal promises a safe removal using lasers, and this method does not result in wholesale destruction of skin unlike the older techniques. Thus scars will only rarely form, if ever. Lasers stand for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. It is known that tattoo inks used for creating tattoos will absorb lasers of a specific wavelength and this causes the inks or pigments to heat up very fast and practically shatter into many small bits. These bits of ink are removed by the body naturally and the tattoo lightens. Several sessions (anywhere from 8 to 10 or 15 sessions) will usually be needed for satisfactory removal of the tattoo with a laser. On the average most people will see up to 90% or more removal of their tattoos after several sessions, depending on the colour and type of ink, the depth of the tattoos, the type of skin and the type of laser.
Certain tattoo inks can be removed much more easily than others. Thus black, dark blue, red and brown tattoos will respond well to laser tattoo removal. Certain other colours such as yellow, light green or sky blue colours are rather stubborn and may be almost impossible to remove using current laser technology.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine: FOTONA’S QX-MAX

We use a very reputable Nd Yag laser machine (Fotona QXmax) for our laser tattoo removals.

The procedure is performed by a fully qualified and experienced doctor.Q-Switched lasers are the ideal tools for effectively removing complex and multi-colored tattoos. Multi-wavelength, Q-Switched laser systems with frequency-doubled KTP are uniquely able to produce very short pulses of intense light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of skin to be selectively absorbed by treatment-specific pigments.

Highest Single-Pulse Energy for Maximum Effectiveness


Fotona’s QX MAX Q-Switched laser technology generates single nanosecond pulses, which are more efficient at removing pigment than multiple-pulse technologies of equivalently high power. Single pulses are not affected by the optical shielding phenomenon arising from pigment destruction. Consequently more and deeper lying structures can be reached and removed, and laser treatment efficacy and efficiency in a single session are significantly greater.

Different Wavelengths for Multicolored Tattoos


Fotona’s QX MAX laser system offers four wavelengths in one system, enabling treatments for virtually all commonly used pigment colors. The QX MAX transmits extremely short energy pulses that cause tattoo pigments to break into smaller particles that are then removed by the body’s own immune system. Most tattoo procedures take only a few minutes, but several treatments are typically necessary to completely remove a tattoo. Three-week intervals between sessions are required to allow pigment residue to be cleared by the body.

Patented Technology for Safer & More Precise Treatments


Homogeneity of a laser beam profile ensures greater safety during treatments since laser energy is evenly distributed across the treated area. Epidermal damage is minimized and the risk of bleeding, tissue splatter and transient textural changes in the skin is decreased. Fotona’s advanced Q-switched laser technology relies on groundbreaking solutions such as patented OPTOflex® and Vacuum Cell Technologies to
produce an almost perfectly homogeneous beam profile, resulting in safer and more effective treatments for your patients.


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